Philadelphia, PA private home office.

Professional touch is a wonderful thing. We live in a world overburdened with inputs, and yet very few of them engage us in such a tactile manner. Your smart phone is a marvel of the modern world but it can’t reach out and touch you. Many social scientists wax poetic on the benefits of supportive touch, especially for reducing stress. Human contact = oxytocin = connection, trust, and good feelings. Add the skilled hands of a massage therapist and you’re not only increasing feel good hormones, you’re teaching your nervous system how to relax.

With my earliest massage studies rooting into a family lineage in Benares (Varanasi), India, my style is deeply reverent to the fundamental relevancy of touch. In such lineages in India, babies are massaged from delivery and kids learn how from a very early age. Self-massage is common practice and I can’t help but notice that this incredible emphasis on self-care needs very little trendy fanfare. When you get right down to it, we all know how healing touch is. We might forget sometimes, but few things in life are so self-evident.

What to expect: a typical session with me will draw heavily on Swedish massage (think flowing, rhythmic strokes). In areas of greatest need, often the neck & back, you’ll experience my more focussed tools: deep tissue therapy and myofascial release. Folks tend to notice that I pick up the limbs a fair amount to stretch, lengthen, and loosen — and if you are anything like me, good traction is something you will start to crave!  My sessions always involve the use of organic oils informed by the seasons, infused with only high quality essential oils for a naturally aromatherapeutic experience. As an herbalist I will from time to time, with your permission, grab something from my apothecary to work with pain, inflammation, scar tissue, or other complaints. Basically, I like you to leave feeling as if you just did the most thoroughly amazing Yoga class ever. With a nice hot towel for good measure!

What I’m good at: my repertoire of competencies grows by the day, but so far I’ve successfully worked with things like sciatica, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, tendonitis (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, etc.), headaches and migraines, and many general pain complaints (like neck, back, shoulder, hip, and foot pain). It’s important to me that anything acute is seen by a doctor first, but know that I may well be able to help in some more pressing situations.

What I need to know: Maybe you have allergies. Maybe you take pain meds. Basically whatever you’d tell the other health professionals in your life, I need to know, too. But don’t worry — the intake form you’ll receive upon booking has the the right boxes you need to let me know about what you need.

Every-body promise: Know that this space is body positive and wholly inclusive. There’s no weirdness or contrived vibes, either. You are safe and supported. This is real life and you’re warmly invited to participate.

I would love for you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your session, so that we have enough time to assess what it is you need to feel better.